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    SpotOn Rewards

    Read below to learn how to get rewarded at Shoemaker & Hardt

    Join our Rewards Program and Get Free Stuff!

    Each time you visit the store, you earn a point.

    • - 5 points gets you a Free Muffin
    • - 9 points gets you a Free Small Drink
    • - 10 points gets you a Free Medium Drink
    • - 11 points gets you a Free Large Drink
    • - 25 points gets you a $10 Gift Certificate

    The great part is that one card works at all merchants participating in the program.

    If you already have a SpotOn card, you can use it at Shoemaker & Hardt without getting another one. If you don't have one, pick oneup the next time you are in the store and start earning points.

    Get the SpotOn App!

    Another cool feature is that you can download the SpotOn app to your smartphone and do away with the card altogether. Just show your phone to the clerk to get your points!  With the app you can check your points online, as well as sign up for our annual Free Birthday drink.

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