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Spring is where life peeks out of the gray bramble ready to show its shining face. Time to think about flowers and wind chimes and Easter and being outside. Spring is cool mornings and warm afternoons. Green everywhere. Flowers everywhere. Spring is a miracle.

While we don't have any miracles at Shoemaker & Hardt, we have some pretty cool new stuff. Lots of wind chimes and fancy hats. We've got garden gloves, funky lamps and paisley wiener dogs.  Come in for a visit. You're bound to find something new.

Fat Free and Sugar Free drinks.  We have a large following of customers that love our drinks with lower calories. We have over 30 combinations of drinks that can be made fat-free and 15 drinks that can be made sugar-free. These drinks are good. We even have a reduced fat, sugar-free whip cream for the perfect topping to your favorite drink. We make our own whip cream every day using fresh heavy cream from Oak Farms.

SpotOn Rewards. Don't forget to use your SpotOn Reward card when you visit our store. We have given away tons of free drinks, muffins and gift certificates to our loyal customers. Just show us your card when you come in and rack up the points. If you get the mobile app, you can sign up for a free birthday drink. You can also download your Q-code to your phone so you don't have to carry the card. To get extra points, go to our Facebook page and click on the orange Rewards button at the top of the page. Answer a few questions to get more points! The card is free and you can use it at any other merchant that is on the program. If you have signed up with another merchant, you can use the same card with us. Go to SpotOn.com to see the list of merchants in our area and sign up, or you can sign up next time you are in the store. It's free! 


Who is Shoemaker & Hardt?

Nearly twenty years ago, we got this idea to open an antique store/coffee shop/gift store in downtown Wylie.  While trying to decide what to call the place, we decided to use our mother's maiden names; Jimmie Shoemaker and Eugenia Hardt. We didn't know anything about running a store or making lattes for that matter.Eugenia Hardt We were so uneducated in the retail world that we had to study the cash register manual the night before our opening day because neither of us knew how to operate the thing! What we lacked in knowledge, we made up in determination.

Our building was constructed in 1899 when the streets were mud and onions were the cash crop. While our building has been many things in its long life, we know that for many years it was a drug store with a soda fountain because some of our seasoned customers have recalled fond memories of their visits here.

When we first saw the place, it was a disaster that had suffered the remodeled fate of so many beautiful old buildings. Since the 1960's had taken its toll on automobile design and architecture, we spent 2 years restoring it to its original beauty and today it's a popular coffee house captured inside a country store. Come by and see us; you never know what you'll find, but we know that you'll like it!  Kent & Velma Crane